About Eco Pack BD

                                                                                                Ecopack BD is a Bangladeshi manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly paper cups. We follow state-of-the-art

                                                                                                manufacturing processes using eco-friendly raw materials to deliver a comprehensive range of disposable paper

                                                                                                cups for the requirements of our clients in any industry.

                                                                                             Ecopack BD visions the world as a better place to live in through its eco-friendly business initiatives.

                                                                                            We believe we can make a difference by replacing toxic plastic cups with our eco-friendly cups and lids.

                                                                                            We are also committed to follow our eco-friendly business principles, with our heart and soul for years to come.

                                                                                           We are determined to establish our image as a customer oriented service company.

                                                                                        With this aim in mind, our work and business principles are very straightforward.

                                                                                            We always consider what our clients can achieve through our products and we ensure our clients achieve it with ease.

                                                                                            Our team has had many years of experience. Each member of our team has enough expertise to handle orders of any complexity. 

                                                                                        We understand how important branding can be to assist any business on their road to success. 

                                                                                            We have strategic plans to accommodate any company of any size.

                                                                                            We know that it will require us to work beyond our limits at times to help our clients achieve their success.