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Company Name      : Ecopack BD
C.E.O :Md. Shofiqul Hoque
Address : Plot No. 90, Nolvog Main Road, PO: Nishatnagar PS: Turag, Dhaka.
Contact No. : +88 01711 529842, 
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Slogan : We are committed to your success!

Owners Message

Globalization affects the economy, business life,

society and environment in different ways, and almost all corporations have been affected by these changes. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that has become dominant in business in present days. As a businessman I always valued my customers and was very eager to develop superior customer service. Business that combines CSR, ethical business and superior customer service was a dream always to me. I was always in search of a smart business that helps changing the society and environment as well as holds high ethical value. The concept of biodegradable products is a most modern one and a crying need for environmental sustainability today. I am very happy to be a part of the environmental, ethical & social responsibility. I wish all of us will come forward to support such commodities to contribute to a pollution free environment.

Production capability:

We have our in-house graphics design facility for new and customized design development. As a manufacturer of paper cup we have two high-speed machine and one die-cut machine in our factory premises.

Sizes, We are producing now.

  • ╬ 80 ml
  • ╬ 100 ml
  • ╬120 ml
  • ╬ 150 ml
  • ╬ 200 ml
  • ╬ 250 ml
  • ╬ 350 ml
  • ╬ 8 oz
  • ╬ 12 oz
  • ╬ 16 oz

Production capacity:

The present annual rated production of the factory base on 02 shift operation of 18 Hours each per day, 26 Days per month given below.

 Shift   Working Hrs.   Break   Total Hrs.   ( 1 Machine production rate/Hour=4200) Day production 1 machine   3 machine production/day 
 Day  9 AM to 6 PM  1 PM to 2 PM  8 Hrs.  33,600 Pcs.  2,68,800 Pcs.
 Night  8 PM to 7 AM  1 AM to 2 AM  10 Hrs.  42,000 Pcs.  2,52,000 Pcs.
 Total  18 Hrs.  75,600 Pcs.  5,20,800 Pcs.

Product Quality:

  • Bio degradable paper.
  • Fully Disposable & recyclable.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Zero bacteria.
  • Hazardous chemicals free.
  • Producing under most hygienic condition following international standard.

Quality Control:

  • Raw Material using as per international standards.
  • 100% Food grade paper.
  • In house laboratory test.
  • QC test from raw materials suppliers.
  • Ink used in printing is 100% Hazardous chemicals free.

Capital machinery:

 Sl. No.  Description  Quantity
 1.  Paper cup forming machine  10 Nos.
 2.  Die Cutting Machine  02 Nos.
 3.  Air compressor  04 Nos.