Our Brand


Innovation is key to everything we do at Ecopack BD.

We are always striving to raise the standard of our products and services, and to ensure the success of our customer’s brands. Our products are innovative. We thrive on solving challenges. We are proud to be part of a global entity committed to research and development.

Built On Strength:

Our strength stems from our heritage and from our people - their passion and, their courage, their can-do attitude. It comes from being part of an inspirational global company that pushes the boundaries, and has its own long, strong history. It also comes from the plantation grown softwood pinups radiate, the basis of our excellent products and one of the strongest fibers in the world.

We are a strong, confident company, with a pride and depth that gives us the ability to look beyond traditional boundaries.

Future Focused:

We look towards the future, and welcome change.

Our business is here for the long term, and we are always at the forefront of new developments and emerging consumer trends.

Sustainability is core to our operations. Being future focused means ensuring there is a future to focus on. We are proud to be a business built on renewable and low carbon resources. We aspire to zero environmental burden

We are also connected to and respect our local communities. We aim to contribute to greater prosperity and improved wellbeing wherever we work.